If you're switching from Atlassian Statuspage, we have a new feature to help you migrate, otherwise, you can import your subscribers from a CSV.

What format should you use?

Your CSV file needs to follow a few simple rules to ensure it imports smoothly.

  1. The first row should be the column headers.

  2. It must contain at least one column, named "email"

  3. All cells should be wrapped in double quotes. "like this"

  4. It shouldn't have spaces between columns.

You can download an example template CSV file to use as a guide.

What information can you import?

In addition to the required "email" field, you can also include fields for "phone_number", "first_name", "last_name", "nickname", "city" and "tag_list" - all of these can be used to help you better identify your subscribers, but they're not required.

When importing subscribers, please be sure that you have their permission to send status updates to them.

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