Common questions and support documentation

Help Docs

Getting Started

Set up status pages, components and branding.

5 articles

Managing Status Pages

Configure analytics, default notification options and more.

8 articles

Team Members & Logins

Help related to managing team members and permissions.

2 articles

Notifications Setup

Learn how to set up email, SMS and chat notifications.

5 articles

Subscribers & Notifications

Help & guides on subscribers & notifications

11 articles

Switching to Sorry™

How to migrate from services like Statuspage

1 article

Private Status Pages

Set up articles and guides for private pages

3 articles


We work well with a handful of integrations

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Help articles on how to manage billing

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Legal Policies

All the legal bits you need to know

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What's New

Status Page Releases

16 articles

Admin Improvements

Keep track of the latest updates we make to the Admin user interface

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Security Updates

We are committed to maintaining a secure platform, catchup here about the latest secu

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Upcoming Features

Get involved and learn more about the latest updates we are working on.

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Feature Sunsets

Information about discontinued or soon-to-be-retired product features.

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Incident Tips

Part One: The calm before the storm

Planning and preparation: Pick your response team and get them ready to cope with an

3 articles

Part Two: Riding the waves

From first discovery through response and resolution, we show you how to communicate

4 articles

Part Three: Dealing with the aftermath

Learning from your failures, explaining them properly, and making it up to your custo

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