Using Alphanumeric Sender IDs with Twilio

ou can configure SMS status notifications so that they're delivered to your audience using an Alphanumeric Sender ID such as "Status" rather than a phone number.

Using a Sender ID helps your users quickly spot who the message is from and also means you don't have to buy a dedicated phone number from Twilio.

How to use a Sender ID with Sorry™

You must configure a messaging service and create a new alphanumeric sender within the messaging service sender pool in Twilio.

Click here to learn how to configure a new messaging service and add an alphanumeric sender via the sender pool.

Choosing a Valid Sender ID

Phone networks are quite specific about what you can use as your Sender ID,  so follow these basic rules.

  • It must be between 1 and 11 characters long.
  • Only contain numbers and letters.
  • It cannot contain spaces or special characters.

Country-Specific Limitations

Some countries don't support using Alphanumeric Sender IDs or impose limits on when and what you can send; you can find out which countries support this feature on the Twilio help centre.

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