Integrate Google Analytics with your Status Page

Track status page visitor behaviour with Google Analytics. You can use your Google Analytics 4 (GA4) Measurement ID to gather insights on status page visitors. We also support Google Tag Manager (GTM).

Create a new GA4 property if Universal Analytics or GA4 does not property exists. Copy the measurement ID and follow the configuring status page section.

Configuring Google Analytics 4

Before you begin, if you have an existing Universal Analytics property, you can just follow the instructions to migrate. Google suggests using a single property and single stream across multiple platforms.

Step 1: Visit the GA4 home and open Admin > Data Streams > Add Stream

Step 2: If no stream is configured, create a new stream and copy it to the measurement ID beginning with G-.

Once you've finished the above steps, please follow the configuring status page section.

Configuring your status page

Copy the Measurement ID as per step 2, from the previous sections, into the Google Analytics field on the Search & Analytics page within the management UI, and analytics will begin to collect in your new GA4 property (note it may take some time to start showing data in the GA dashboard).

Configure with Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager (GTM) provides an alternative method for incorporating Google Analytics 4 into your Status Page.

First, you'll need to get the container ID from your GTM account. Afterwards, you can go ahead and input the container ID into the designated GTM field in the analytics tab on the Search & Analytics page within the management UI.

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