Twilio enhancement to ensure compliance

Recent updates in countries like the UK have enhanced compliance measures, especially regarding international long code numbers.

As businesses increasingly rely on Sorry to streamline their incident messaging, we recognize the need to stay ahead of regulatory changes. Recent updates in countries like the United Kingdom (UK) have necessitated enhanced compliance measures, especially regarding international long code numbers.

If you have connected with Twilio, we have made some improvements to ensure compliance with these regulatory changes. Learn how to create a new messaging service in Twilio and update your Sorry™ configuration.

Use International Long Code Numbers

We have implemented changes in delivering SMS notifications to comply with the recent regulatory changes in the UK that will block any application-to-person messages sent from international long code numbers deemed not marketing.

We now use a Twilio "Messaging Service", an intelligent pool of phone numbers and alphanumeric sender IDs from which messages are sent. Twilio picks the most appropriate sending method for any given subscriber.

If the subscribers' country supports alphanumeric sender IDs, such as in the UK, you can configure a custom sender ID (up to 11 characters). Otherwise, a traditional international country number will be used.

To summarize the changes:

  • We updated our Twilio integration to follow UK regulations.
  • The 'Messaging Service' determines the most suitable method for sending messages.
  • Learn how to set up and migrate to the new messaging service on our help centre.

In an era of heightened data privacy concerns and evolving regulations, Sorry's commitment to enhancing its Twilio integration is a testament to its dedication to compliance and customer satisfaction. Implementing these improved changes empowers businesses to navigate the regulatory landscape seamlessly while delivering exceptional incident communications.

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