Component Metrics

New metrics include a quick glance at component uptime and easy reporting on incident performance indicators like MTTR & MTBF.

Percentage Uptime for Components

We've begun by introducing a new clean, slim-fitting Component Uptime display.

It's available today and can be enabled on any Status Page using the latest theme.

Components with Uptime enabled

Truly accurate Incident metric reports

Each component deserves its own space; clicking on any Component Uptime will open the new Component report view.

Component with metrics enabled

We’ve also included our new powerful report builder in the Status API. The latest report builder makes generating custom, quarterly, or annual reports for any component easy.

Status API with Component Metrics endpoint
JSON response using the Component Metrics endpoint

How to enable Uptime by Component

Uptime can be enabled or disabled for each Component,

Head to Page Settings > Metrics

​Here, you can enable Metrics at the Component level and preview the last 30 days' Metrics for each Component.

Metrics Settings in the management UI

Amending or Removing Impact Time

Easily edit or remove the Impact Time once a notice is Recovering or Resolved.

Editing the impact time on a notice

How we Calculate Component Uptime

When calculating a component's uptime, we first need a way to determine when an incident has impacted a component's availability. We do this by looking at unplanned notices posted on your status page.

Notice Impact on a Component's Uptime

When you resolve a notice, we estimate its impact on a component's uptime using the time between you first opening the notice and the time you mark it as recovering or resolved.

We call this "notice impact time".

The Uptime Percentage Calculation:

Single Components:

We use this notice impact time, along with the total time in a given timeframe, to calculate a component's percentage uptime; the equation looks like this:

100 - (Total Notice Impact Time in Timeframe / Total Time in Timeframe) * 100


12 Hours Total Notice Impact Time in September

100 - (710 Minutes / 43,200 Minutes) * 100 = 98.36%

Parent Components:

As each single component has its own Uptime Metric, we calculate the Uptime for parent components using an average of its child components.


- Parent Component (Uptime: 99.6%)

- Child Component One (Uptime: 99.7%)

- Child Component Two (Uptime: 99.5%)

The average between 99.5 and 99.7 is 99.6

Correcting a Components Uptime

If our estimates need to be more accurate, you can correct the impact time through the Publishing UI of a notice; we'll also audit who made the correction and when they made it.

Reopening Resolved Notices

We'll estimate additional notice impact time if you reopen and reclose a notice.

These are supplementary notice impact times and will not overwrite our previous estimates or any corrections you may have made.

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