When you create a new notice, there are two options under 'Publication & notification':

  • Just the Status Page: This will add a posting to the status page; it will not send out notifications.

  • The Status Page, and notify via Email, Microsoft Teams, SMS, and Slack: This will add a posting to the status page and send out notifications with your configured methods.

Any team members with the 'Configuration' role is able to set a default option for each individual status page.

Note: This option will need to be changed by writing a new notice and publishing.

  1. Click on Write a Notice.

  2. Scroll down 'Publication & notification' and change to the option you would like to be the default.

  3. Click on the checkbox in the 'Save this as the new default for this page's "publication & notification" option.' box.

  4. Review & Publish Notice

Setting a default option for publication & notification

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