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Sometimes you need to snag a list of your subscribers

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There are currently two methods you can use to export subscribers.

Export via API

Step 1: Obtain the API key from the management UI (Hamburger menu icon -> API Tokens) and your page ID (this can be found in the URL of your page in the management UI)

Step 2: Visit the API Docs site and follow this reference.

Step 3: Open a terminal or command line app (e.g. on Mac -> Terminal) and run the CURL command outlined in Step 2. Remember to replace page_id and the bearer token with your details. You can then output this by appending -o output.json

curl -X GET https://api.sorryapp.com/v1/pages/:page_id/subscribers \ -H "Authorization: Bearer XXXXX12345ABC908102XXXX -o output.json

Request an export via support

You can request an export by getting in touch with us by clicking on the message widget bottom right of this page.

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