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How to use Google oAuth for Status Page Privacy
How to use Google oAuth for Status Page Privacy

Follow these steps to configure Google as your Status Page login provider

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Getting Ready

  • Head to Page Settings > Privacy > and Toggle the Private option

  • Choose Google and copy the Authorized redirect URI

Assuming you already have a GCP project and Google Consent screen ready to roll then please do proceed with the steps below.

Step1 - APIs & Services > Credentials

Once logged into GCP, click on APIs and Services > Credentials and look for the + Create Credentials option

Step 2 - Choose OAuth client ID > Web Application > Use the Status Page Name

Step 3 - Choose Add URI and Paste this URI copied from your Sorry privacy settings.

Step 4 - Copy your new Client ID and Client Secret from Google and Paste these into your Sorry Privacy Settings

Final Step - Restrict the Sign-In to your domain and choose Save Changes.

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