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Only notify people about incidents affecting specific components
Only notify people about incidents affecting specific components
Reduce worry and confusion by only messaging people when the parts of your service they actually use are experiencing problems.
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Our Component Subscriptions feature allows you, or your audience, the choice to only be notified when certain components of your platform are impacted by an incident.

1. Enabling Component Subscriptions

At the bottom of the "Components" page, you'll find a switch to enable the component subscriptions feature. (Assuming you're on the right plan and have at least one component)

2. Subscribing to Components

Ordinarily, all your subscribers will receive "All status updates". However, when subscribing they'll now have the option to choose a few select components.

You too can select components for them through the UI when editing the subscriber or through our API or Website Plugin.

3. Publishing Incidents

Now, when you publish a notice to your page, marking particular components as affected, only those subscribed to that component are notified, not those using unaffected parts of your product.

Those subscribed to "All status updates" are notified about everything.

A Real-World Example

I've written about how we use component subscriptions via our Website Plugin to ensure that you're only notified about incidents affecting features you actually use within Sorry.

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