This new feature means your notifications are only sent to people who are directly affected by the parts of your platform which are currently experiencing problems.

Making the complex understandable

Ensuring that the right message get's to the right person is an important part of good downtime communication.

Larger companies, with more complex systems often have an increased challenge of people who are only using certain portions of the entire platform.

This means that blanket, audience-wide messages are often of little value, instead, becoming more white-noise in the inbox.

Let your audience choose

Your audience can make this choice themselves when subscribing for updates, by selecting to receive all notifications or only those about incidents affecting certain components.

Or make the choice for them

Alternatively, you can choose which components your audience members are subscribed to through our updated API and Website Plugin.

Find out how we use this feature at Sorry,  I can't wait to see what you do with it.

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