Markdown support

Markdown is a lightweight markup language that allows you to format text in a simple and easy-to-read manner. Many platforms and websites support Markdown, making it an excellent choice for creating well-formatted content. In this guide, we'll cover the various Markdown features supported by our platform.


Headings help structure your content and make it more organized. Markdown supports six levels of headings, where the more '#' characters you use, the smaller the heading becomes. For example:

# Heading 1

## Heading 2

### Heading 3

#### Heading 4

##### Heading 5

###### Heading 6

Text Formatting

Markdown supports basic text formatting to emphasize or highlight certain parts of your text.

  • Bold Text: To make text bold, wrap it with double asterisks (**), like **Bold Text** .
  • Italic Text: To make text italic, use underscores (_), like _Italic Text_ .
  • Strikethrough Text: To strike through text, use double tilde (~~), like ~~Strikethrough Text~~ .


You can create block quotes to set apart a section of text or to quote external content. To create a blockquote, use the greater-than symbol (> ), like:

"This is a blockquote."


Adding links to your content is essential for referencing other pages or resources. To create a link, use the following format:

[Link Text](

Replace Link Text with the text you want to display for the link and with the actual URL.


Markdown supports both unordered and ordered lists.

Unordered List

To create a bullet-point list, use hyphens (-):

- Item 1

- Item 2

- Item 3

Ordered List

To create a numbered list, use numbers followed by periods:

1. First item

2. Second item

3. Third item

Code Blocks

Markdown allows you to display code snippets or blocks easily. To create a code block, wrap the code with triple backticks (```), like:


<h1>Code block</h1>


This will display the code block as follows:

<h1>Code block</h1>

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