Adding a custom domain

Every status page has its own random subdomain

Here's how you can connect your domain, using either a status subdomain or a www root domain name specifically registered for the status page.

Let's get started by adding the Domain Name into Page Settings

In this demo, I'm going to be using the subdomain

Once the domain is added into page settings, you see a new "pending" CNAME ready for adding into your DNS panel

Tip: when choosing your status page domain, avoid using underscores as these can cause problems later on with SSL

Next up, let's add the new CNAME into your DNS control panel.

It looks similar to the original random sorryapp domain, but this one is designed to only route traffic when using your new custom domain

Wait for our domain checker to confirm everything is ok

Once the new CNAME record has been added to your DNS, the Status Page domain and SSL will be confirmed generally within a few minutes

Tip: Enforcing CAA & DVC? - If you're enforcing CAA or DVC on your DNS records, please make sure is listed

Tip: Using Cloudflare for DNS? - Please set their Proxy Service to DNS only. We need it like this to verify the DNS records are alive and well

When both CNAME records are confirmed, you are ready to roll. 

For additional help getting things set up or if you have any questions or comments, please say hello using the intercom button below

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