Revolutionise your component management

We've enhanced how you can add, edit, and organise components through our management UI

July 12th 2023

Components play a crucial role in creating effective status pages that keep your subscribers well-informed about the parts of your product that matter most to them.

We understand their significance, and that's why we've enhanced how you can add, edit, and organise components through our management UI. The result? A streamlined and efficient process that saves you time and effort.

Improved Grouped Components

Our new update lets you quickly determine which components belong to specific groups or parent components. This visual clarity allows you to organise and structure your status pages in a way that makes sense for your subscribers.

Inline editing for easy changes

Gone are the days of navigating multiple screens to modify component names and descriptions. With our inline editing functionality, you can make changes directly on one screen. Update the necessary information, save your changes, and witness them take effect immediately.

Effortless component organisation

We understand that arranging components in the desired order is essential for effective communication. That's why we've implemented a user-friendly drag-and-drop interface. You can now place components in different positions effortlessly with a swift motion.

This intuitive feature allows you to customise the layout of your status pages, ensuring that the most critical information is prominently displayed.

Accessibility made simple

We believe in making our features easily accessible to all users. That's why our new component management UI is now readily available by default, requiring no additional action. Experience a smoother workflow and enjoy the benefits of our improved interface from the moment you use it.

To summarise the changes:

  • Quickly group components for clear organisation and better communication.
  • Enjoy inline editing to modify names and descriptions effortlessly.
  • Swiftly organise components with a user-friendly drag-and-drop interface.
  • Access the enhanced component management UI by default; no further action is required.
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