Enhancements to the subscriber experience

We take immense pride in delivering an exceptional subscription experience.

July 26th 2023

We continuously strive to lead the way by refining the subscriber journey. Today, we're excited to unveil a set of thrilling updates that will elevate the subscriber experience on your status pages. Let's dive right in and explore the improvements!

See at a glance: Unsubscribed Components

Now, it's even easier to understand your component subscriptions. Unsubscribed components are marked with a subtle muted bell icon, ensuring you're always in the know about what you're following.

Streamlined Subscription Confirmation

For our new subscribers, we've revamped the subscription process. You'll now be prompted to confirm your subscription with a redesigned button, ensuring you're precisely subscribed to what you want.

Seamless Component Subscription Updates

Logged-in subscribers will love the seamless component subscription updates. The subscription button has been enhanced with a new, intuitive icon, and those pesky numbers have been removed. Managing preferences has never been smoother!

To summarise the changes:

  • Unsubscribed components are more apparent using a muted bell icon.
  • New subscribers are prompted with a more intuitive button.
  • Logged-in subscribers enjoy a smoother experience when updating component subscriptions with an improved button and new icon.
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