Updates to scheduled notices

We're thrilled to announce some exciting changes to scheduled notices that will streamline your maintenance updates.

August 2nd 2023

We understand the importance of clear communication regarding scheduled maintenance, and we've worked tirelessly to bring you these improvements. Let's explore the latest enhancements:

Improved clarity for scheduled dates in notices

We've fine-tuned the way we present scheduled maintenance details. Now, it's easier than ever to identify the maintenance start date/time and its duration—no more confusion – just crystal-clear information.

Smoother maintenance rescheduling and updates

In the past, rescheduling maintenance and adding updates caused some confusion. Not anymore! When you reschedule or add an update, the notice will explicitly state 'Update,' ensuring everyone knows the latest status.

Enhanced Scheduled Dates in Notice Overview Cards

You'll notice a more refined display of maintenance details on the overview cards of notices. We've ensured that the maintenance start date/time and duration are readily accessible, saving you time and hassle.

Fresh Calendar Icon for Scheduled Maintenance

Say goodbye to the old cog icon! We've upgraded the icon for scheduled maintenance in the notice view to a sleek and intuitive calendar icon. Spotting scheduled maintenance has always been challenging.

To summarise the changes:

  • Improved clarity for scheduled dates in notices.
  • Smoother maintenance rescheduling and updates, now explicitly labelled as 'Update.'
  • Enhanced scheduled dates in notice overview cards.
  • Fresh calendar icon for scheduled maintenance in the notice view.
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