Improved components in notifications

Today we've released an improvement to the way we display which components are affected by an incident in the notifications we send.

The flat list of components we used to display was difficult to read, particularly when dealing with large numbers of nested components, making it hard for subscribers to truly understand how an incident was impacting your service.

These improvements are already live on all Email, Slack, Microsoft Teams and Google Chat notifications, we hope you like them as much as we do.

Improvement: A Structured Component Tree

The new component tree maintains the structure of the components as they are displayed on your status page, making it much easier for subscribers to see exactly what's impacted.

Improvement: Individual to Each Subscriber

For customers using "per-component subscriptions", the notifications now only include components that the recipient is subscribed to specifically, meaning the message now does a much better job of explaining how they are personally impacted.

Bug Fix: Delivery Failures with Many Components

Some customers with incidents impacting very large numbers of components were seeing delivery failures, particularly with Slack, and to a lesser extent Microsoft Teams.

This delivery failure was due to a character limit on those platforms.

We now crop all our notifications to ensure they don't breach that limit, and will still be successfully delivered.

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