Google Chat Integration

We've built a Google Chat integration for all our customer teams and status page subscribers.
Subscribers can now choose Google Chat as an additional or single channel for status page updates.

  • Instant Notifications: You'll get the details sent to your Google Chat as soon as an incident or maintenance event occurs.
  • Automatic Space Creation: Sorry™ takes the initiative to create a dedicated Google Chat Space named after your status page
  • Comprehensive Updates: Receive real-time notifications, complete with information on affected components, timelines, and initial announcements.
  • Convenient Threaded Follow-ups: Stay on top of the situation with subsequent updates neatly organised using inline threads for easy tracking.
  • New subscribers: If a notice is currently active and a new user subscribes to the affected components, we will create a new chat within the channel. This chat will contain all the relevant details, including the title, content, affected components, and a link to visit the notice. Any future updates will be added to this chat as threaded replies.
  • Subscription updates: Similar to new subscribers, if an existing subscriber updates their subscription to a component currently affected by a notice, we will create a new chat within the channel.

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