GDPR at Sorry™

Given that we collect personal information from many people on behalf of our customers, security and privacy is always something we've taken seriously, and the GDPR has taken us one step further to do an even better job.

We've made changes to our legal agreements, and to the product which should help us and our customers with their compliance. 💪

Legal Changes

As with everyone else, we've updated our Privacy Policy. We can also issue a DPA to anyone who requires one.

Product Changes

We've made several small, but key changes to the product, that will ensure both you and Sorry™ comply.

​Subscriber Consent

Changes to the subscribe wizard to ensure that your audience knows what they're signing up for and consent for us to message them.

​Subscriber Search

So you can remove anyone from your subscriber list in a timely fashion, should they ask.

​Improved Slack Permissions

So we're not asking for more access to your audiences Slack account than is absolutely required. 

Privacy & Terms Links

Add your own terms and privacy links to your status page footer, so it better integrates with the rest of your online presence.

The Future

We will continue to maintain and improve our security and privacy measures, should you have any questions, ideas or spot something we could do better, please do let us know.

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