Automate with Pingdom

We integrate nicely with Pingdom that allows you to create monitoring automations to help create notices as soon as your monitoring knows about issues.

Things you need before configuration:

  1. Be on a paid Pingdom plan
  2. Your Sorry user account must have the "Configuration Role"

Generating a new Pingdom API Key

  1. Log in to My Pingdom
  2. Navigate to Settings -> Synthetic & Rum Settings -> Pingdom API

  3. Click on the Add API Token button

  4. Create a name for the API and then Generate token. This will now generate a token that you can use to configure the automation in the Sorry™ management UI

Setting up the automation with Sorry™

  1. Log into the Sorry™ management UI
  2. Under Status Page Settings menu on the page you would like to configure the automation, navigate to Configure Automations

  3. If you already have monitoring automations configured, click on + Add another automation. If not, go to the next step.
  4. Select Pingdom on the monitoring provider page and click Next.

  5. Now enter the API key you generated in step 4 in the Pingdom section above and click Next

  6. Next, choose the checks you would like to monitor and click Next.

  7. Now, choose the components you would like to be associated to the notices when the monitoring is triggered.

  8. On the next screen, add the pre-made notice that will be published when the automation is triggered.

  9. Finally, choose whether you would like the notice to just be published or published and notify your subscribers.

🎉 Success! You have now created your Pingdom automation.

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