Monitoring Automation with Inbound Email

Things you need

  • A monitoring suite that supports sending emails, for example New Relic
  • Your Sorry user account must have the "Configuration Role"

1. Go to Page Settings > Configure Automations

2. Choose Inbound Mail

3. Choose "Trigger and Reset" Subject Keywords

Check with your monitoring tool how they structure their subject alert emails. We have a few preset for tools like New Relic and Pingdom.

4. Choose the Status Page components

Assign which status page component you would like to degrade when this automation triggers. You can create automation for every component which will help with the messaging on the next step.

5. Compose your Opening and Closing Status Update

You can always come back and tweak this, but remember, now is your chance to translate what this monitoring alert actually means to your customers.

6. Decide how to publish the status update

With Sorry automation, we provide the option to only post to the status page, or additionally the update can also be sent out to your subscriber lists too.

7. Finally, Copy the inbound email address

You will need to add this inbound email address into your monitoring suite so that it can receive alerts in the future.

If your monitoring suite needs to Verify the address first? that's fine we will catch any emails like that, and display them in the Automation view.

If you need a hand, please reach out for help . Happy Automating 🤖

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