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Switch to the new Service Status experience
Switch to the new Service Status experience

A new way to experience service status with our latest theme

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We're excited to announce the next generation of Sorry™ status pages focusing on a new type of experience when users visit the pages.

What's new? Click here to find out more.

New service status experience

Want to see the new experience live? Check out our own status page!

The theme is now available for customers to try out within the Management UI so why not switch it on and let your users experience something different.

Switch to the new theme

  1. Log in to the Management UI.

  2. Under Setup Tasks (make sure this is expanded) click on step 6 (switch to the new service status experience).

  3. Click on 'Learn more ->'

  4. Click on 'Heck yeah, switch me now.'

  5. The new experience is now enabled.

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