How to get started with Microsoft Teams notifications

Our Microsoft Teams integration allows you to notify your customers or internal stakeholders & employees of downtime updates at lightning-fast speed.

Ideal for connecting with your audience in a dedicated Teams channel, once enabled and connected, your status page updates will automatically publish and notify members of incident updates - leaving your hands free to focus on getting back online.

Adding Microsoft Teams to your status page

All new sign-ups from Monday 22nd February 2021 will have Teams integrations active by default - for existing customers, the integration can be enabled with a single click in page settings.

Subscribing for updates via Teams

Once the feature is active, a Microsoft Teams selection will appear under the ‘Get Updates’ dropdown on the top right of your Status Page.

Select this option to add your Team's incoming webhook URL.

To find your Teams webhook URL*:

Hop over to your Teams account and find the channel you want to connect.

On the top right-hand side click on the 3 dots and select ‘Connectors’ from the dropdown.

In the list of connectors find Incoming Webhook and hit ‘Configure’.

Enter the name for the connection and copy the generated URL - return to the status page and paste and click ‘Subscribe to Updates’.

A notice will appear in your Teams channel to alert you to the connection being set up.

*Microsoft also have a guide to incoming webhooks here

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