We've been long term fans, and customers of Postmark, and the other Wildbit products. They're an independently owned, self-sustaining business... just like us. 💪 

I'm pleased to announce that from today, you can use Postmark to send email notifications from your status page.

Configuring Postmark and Sorry™

I'd recommend creating a specific "server" in your Postmark account to handle your status notifications. Using a separate server will maintain a separate activity log for your status updates.

Once you create a new server, you'll get a Server API Token, which you can place into your Sorry™ page settings to connect. 

Are you already using another provider? That's fine, You can safely remove this first, and the provider list will appear — all without affecting the subscribers. 

Any status notices you post hereafter will be sent by email to your subscribers through your Postmark account.

Try Postmark today

If you don't already have a Postmark account, why not start a free trial.

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