Given that your status page can be used to publish content on your domain, and send emails and SMS messages to your audience it's important to keep it secure.

Today we've released two-factor authentication, which allows you to use apps like Google Authenticator or Authy on your phone, to provide an
additional one-time password each time you sign in.

Configuring Two-factor

Enable the feature from the "Manage My Profile" screen within the UI.

Copy your backup codes somewhere safe (they are only displayed this once), 

Scan the QR code into your chosen authenticator app.

Signing In

Next time you sign in to manage your status page, you'll be prompted for an additional one-time code, which can be found in your authentication app on your phone, and changes every 30 seconds or so.

This ensure that anyone accessing your account knows your username and password, but also has access to your mobile phone at the exact time they're signing in.

Lost or Stolen Devices

Don't have your phone on you? Is it lost or stolen? You can use the backup codes provided when first setting up two-factor authentication to access your account. You can only use each of these codes once though.

Sign up with your Google Account?

If you originally signed up to Sorry using your Google account you unfortunately won't be able to enable 2FA. You can contact us if you'd like to switch from using your Google Account to Email/Password and 2FA.

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