Eliminating notification overload

As we've grown as a platform we've found that different customers use different parts of our product, some might use our Twitter integration, others may not, some may send their messages using Mailgun, while others use SendGrid.

This causes challenges when something is broken, because we always ran the risk of displaying status notices, or sending emails to people about things which didn't affect them.

The new feature

Our new component subscriptions feature means that we can now effectively target messages to the right people.

Using the website plugin

Using our Website Plugin we subscribe you to our status page while you're in using the product. Importantly, only subscribing you for notifications about the parts of the product you're actually using.

The plugin makes this fairly easy to do, I just need to include a list of component ids in a small JavaScript snippet alongside our plugin include.

And a little backend magic

On each page refresh, I have a little logic in our backend which looks at which features you're using, and matches that to a component id from the status page, and includes it in the JavaScript snippet using our new Rails gem.

More effective status communication

Now, when we post a notice about our Twitter integration being broken, it'll only notify those of you who are actually using it, and likewise for any other parts of our product.

This should make our status notices all the more valuable.

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