We ourselves have various component parts of our service which can be affected by issues while others continue to run as normal.

For instance, Pingdom might be having some downtime, which means our Integration with them is also failing, however, resilient design means the rest of our platform is unaffected. 💪

If you find yourself in a similar scenario you too might find it helpful to group or nest components on the status page. Let's take a look at how it benefits your audience, and how you can go about doing it.


When adding components to your status page, you're able to drag-and-drop them to change their ordering or nest them under one another.

Specify what's broken

When you open a new incident, you can select which specific components are degraded, and these will then be shown as "degraded" on the status page, helping your audience better understand how they're affected.

Marking a parent component as degraded, will also mark it's children as degraded.

As simple, or complex as you like

One of the unique things about the way we handle grouping at Sorry™, is that you are free to nest components as many levels deep as you like. We utilise this ourselves when displaying "Message Distribution > Email > MailChimp" for instance.

Can my audience subscribe to just a specific component?

Yes, they can indeed. Customers using the Business Plan can enable the component subscription feature in Page settings > Components.

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